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Collective Stakeholder Solution

Solops has developed the Collective Stakeholder Solution (“CSS”) to be utilized in the development of projects. This initiative considers the interests of all the primary stakeholders associated with a project and looks to maximize the economic opportunity for all stakeholders involved, not just one or a few. These include the developer, finance partners, property owners, and off-takers.

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  • Ensure a certain path to liquidity event.

  • Provide guidance on solving development hurdles to ensure creation of project value.

  • Provide availability of resources to guide through the development process to best in class standards.

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  • Create long term savings for ongoing electrical costs.

  • Accommodate implementation of energy efficiency programs, grants, and utilization of future opportunities, i.e. energy storage, CHP, micro grid, geo-thermal, etc.

  • Develop long term strategic energy plan based on organizational expected growth, expansion, or downsizing needs.

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  • Utilize the development of solar installations to enhance the value of the property by:

    • Improving cash flow through leasing of underutilized space.

    • Improving tenant retention.

    • Offering zero cost solution for  capital improvements.

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  • Preserve internal hurdle rates of return.

  • Ensure credit stability of off-taker and property owner.

  • Create structure and documented project asset to ensure ease of implementing back leverage or exit on liquidity event.

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