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Solops, a Denham Capital company, founded in 2010, is a premier developer, financier, and owner/operator of photovoltaic solar projects in the commercial and industrial sectors (C&I) throughout the United States. The Solops team has collectively developed over 3GW of projects in the C&I sector and closed on financings in excess of $2.1 billion dollars. The Company has established relationships and strategic partnerships with industry leading solar integration companies, developers, engineering firms, brokerage houses, private equity funds, hedge funds, large investment banks, and regional lending institutions. The experience of the Solops team, bolstered and enhanced by this vast network of relationships and some of the lowest cost of capital in the C&I marketplace, make  Solops  the “go to” problem solving partner in the C&I space.  For developers, EPCs, and property owners, Solops is the resource partner to close the gap on the issues that are inhibiting the growth of their business, completion of their projects, or realization of a liquidity event. Solops works with these groups to customize and implement a strategy to utilize the development of solar installations to enhance the value of their portfolio by improving cash flow, preserving certain internal hurdle rates of return, increasing business development pipelines, or adding value to existing static real estate assets. 


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