Our utility audit partner started analyzing utility bills over 34 years ago.  Their team then pioneered the first 3rd-party-bill-payment audit. Most recently, their team of analysts, forensic accountants and lawyers built sophisticated computer algorithms to identify previously unknown mistranslations of tax and rate cases and utility revenue requirements into tariffs. The level of complexity is so deep, it took them three years to build the model. 

With utility billing errors so pervasive, why hasn’t this been fixed?
While the utility industry is somewhat “regulated”, the checks-and-balances where errors are audited and corrected by government regulators is, in essence, non existent. It’s interesting to note that
in over three decades, we have yet to see an error in favor of the utility customer. This creates a pressing need for companies to audit the utility from a regulatory standpoint.

What about 3rd party bill payment services?

If your company has multiple facilities and employs a utility bill aggregation service, our 3rd party bill payment audit ensures what was billed by the utility company was correctly paid by the bill payment provider. When we find errors, we recover those overcharges and fix them going forward. 

How do we begin to recover billing overcharges?
Simply get us a copy of your utility bill and we’ll let you know within 72 hours if your account qualifies for our Utility Reconciling Audit. Over 80% of bills qualify.

What can we expect and what is our risk?

Their is no risk to you. The average over-charge ranges from 15% to 35%. If we get you zero refunds, we get paid zero dollars.


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